Robyn Patzer, Licensed Veterinary Technician

Robyn is our licensed veterinary technician and she is our hero because she has SO much experience. Robyn’s last job was for an Emergency Specialist hospital and she brings the best of both emergency and specialty medicine to our clinic. She also worked in a fast-paced corporate practice and 2 other veterinary clinics for several years. She brings a steady, calm demeanor to her work with our clients and patients. She is extremely detail oriented and methodical and confident- whether it’s calculating out dosages for anesthetic procedures or taking radiographs of an animal in emergent distress, Robyn is cool as a cucumber and always produces excellent results.
Robyn is in charge of surgery, radiographs, inventory and blood work here at 4 Paws Veterinary Clinic and we always know we can trust her work.
She is happy to step into our smaller, more rural community of animal lovers and works hard every day to make everyone happy. She has compassion for people and pets, wonderful technical skills and a positive outlook on veterinary medicine. She is enthusiastic about dentistry and is does a wonderful job. Best of all, Robyn has a sense of humor.
Robyn works way too many hours a week taking care of us, her wonderful son Naz, her parents and her kitties.