Paul Kilpatrick, Veterinary Assistant

Paul showed up at Vashon 4 Paws Veterinary Clinic when we needed him the most and found so many projects to help us with, he never left! He is a most special kind of combination of super hard worker and best friend to all of us. He is our glue, our rock, our mentor and most of all, our helper.

He started out working with his son at a frenzied pace- installing all of our cabinetry, building and assembling our kennels, our equipment, our washer and dryer and just about everything else. He has an intuitive sense for creating beautiful spaces in our clinic. He works quietly and cooperatively with all of us and has a calming effect on the entire clinic. He has a heartfelt love of animals and delights in meeting each one of them.

He has eagerly welcomed learning to become a very competent veterinary assistant and seems to add good ideas to well worn principles every day. He embraces the fear free approach that we use in the clinic and is always kind to our patients. He is the guy who carries the carriers or stretchers out to peoples cars, always holds the door open for everyone, cleans and prepares the exam rooms, the cat and dog hospitalization areas and shines up the clinic every day.

When we can’t find him, we know he has snuck away to pet one of the cats or dogs or is keeping them company when they wake up from anesthesia.