Dr. Teri Byrd, DVM (Owner)

Dr. Teri’s love affair with Vashon Island began in 1999 when she visited for the first time. She searched the island with her trusty realtor, Connie Sorensen, who found her the perfect house, perched high on a bluff on Maury island with a view of Mt. Rainier and the Puget Sound where the Orcas used to make an almost weekly appearance. This was back in the day when these homes sold for 200K!

Teri started a house call practice, Island Veterinary Services on Vashon and that practice remains to this day, one of the happiest times of her life. She practiced traditional and alternative medicine incorporating Reiki and animal communication into the practice. Being invited into people’s homes where their pets are most comfortable was an honor and a pleasure every day.

Recently, Teri returned to the island, where she knew that the new concept of a fear free practice would be embraced, to begin Vashon 4 Paws Veterinary Clinic. After several months of hard work obtaining financing and finding a perfect spot for the clinic, she has settled into her new space with an awesome team, awesome patients and awesome clients.

Vashon 4 Paws Veterinary Clinic strives to offer a comfortable place for dogs and cats and their companion people to be. We use species friendly pheromones as diffusers and sprays throughout the clinic, offer completely natural anti-anxiety treats to patients and most of all, offer the time and space for them to become comfortable with the veterinary clinic.

The clinic is designed to reduce stressful visits, with separate entrances for cats and dogs, rooms that are not boxes, no steel exam table surfaces, kitty tents with towels and blankets in the cat hospital and soft beds and toys in the dog hospital. Cats are handled in their carriers or with soft towels and dogs are allowed to stay on the ground or in their owner’s laps for most exams.

We are all just so happy to be here and be apart of this wonderful community!