Clarisa, Veterinary Assistant

I grew up in Los Angeles, California and graduated this past spring from California State University: at Northridge with a Bachelor’s in Biology. I just moved here in late April and absolutely loving it! I lived in Oregon for two years so know to expect all the rain, looking like I moved at just the right time.

I started working with animals on a farm back in 2014. I primarily worked with goats and dairy and beef cattle. I gave my very first vaccine to a cow and assisted in three kidding seasons. From there I began to work at an all animals clinic and fell in love working with our small animal companions.

When I’m not working I’m either having what I call “an adventure day” or being a homebody. An adventure consists of: exploring new coffee shops, thrift shops, farmer’s markets or breweries, heading into the forest or down to the ocean, skating through new neighborhoods, or simply having a picnic at the park with my 12 year old corgi mix named Delilah who moved up here with me. Words can’t begin to describe how very excited for this next chapter in my life.