Veterinarian in Vashon, WA

Compassionate Care

4 Paws Veterinary Clinic wants to take the anxiety out of veterinary visits for your companions. It is our mission to make your pet feel welcome each time it comes to see us. We use lots of treats, gentle handling and anti-anxiety methods to provide a visit without fear. We offer wellness programs, nutrition counseling, surgery, medicine, dentistry, behavioral counseling, training help and lots of love.

A Personal Approach

Veterinary clients today seek an alternative to hectic multi-doctor; corporate owned practices that make them feel as though they are served on a “take a number” basis. Clients desire a trusted relationship with an individual doctor and staff that will be there the next time they come in. They need a clinic team that remembers their names and their pet’s histories and shows its appreciation with reminders, phone calls, sympathy cards and attentive follow up care. They want a clinic that offers the latest in technology with updated equipment and services, staff and client education and availability of specialists.

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