James McCrackyn Avatar
James McCrackyn
3/01/2023 - Google
It's fire drill time
Carole Avatar
2/07/2023 - Google
Dr. Teri and her staff are the best! Over the years they have provided exceptional, loving and professional care to my fur baby. Highly recommend!
Susan Hunter Avatar
Susan Hunter
2/01/2023 - Google
The staff is so good with me skittish cat. They know how to calm her and are knowledgeable and compassionate to the pet and the human. Love this place!
Dev DuRuz Avatar
Dev DuRuz
12/02/2022 - Google
Fast, personal service. Thank you!
Sue Pivetta Avatar
Sue Pivetta
12/02/2022 - Google
Excellent vet and staff.
Jeris Huntington Avatar
Jeris Huntington
8/02/2022 - Google
We love Dr. Byrd!!! We have one rescue Great Pyrenees dog and 4 inherited pure bred cats which makes for a busy fur baby household. Dr. Byrd has provided exceptional, excellent care to all of our animals, along with her wonderful staff. In addition, she provides amazing community service by hosting vets during their training. We highly recommend her & her 4 Paws Animal Clinic!
Sara Peterson Avatar
Sara Peterson
7/02/2022 - Google
Dr . Teri Byrd is the best ! I have never had such a calm experience at the vet . My cat was completely relaxed and zen the whole time ! Highly recommend this vet!
Cheryl Hunt Avatar
Cheryl Hunt
6/02/2022 - Google
Dr. Terry is a caring thorough vet. Her staff is supportive and kind. Diagnosis was well explained and the care of my dog long term was obviously important to this clinic. I would highly recommend using this group as part of your pet- family"s care!
Corey Lindberg Avatar
Corey Lindberg
2/02/2022 - Google
Had my first experience with 4 Paws and have to give 5 stars across the board. I have a rescue dog who frightens easily but needs regular visits for his horribly neglected toenails. 4Paws got me in right away and the tech Krystal was patient and calm with Jack and worked with us outside which allowed me to hold him and to get all four paws addressed. We are going back monthly. Super impressed with the care these people apply to their business. A GREAT resource to have on the island.
Justa Bone Avatar
Justa Bone
2/02/2022 - Google
Great staff. Care at the best.
Ben Morton Avatar
Ben Morton
2/02/2022 - Google
⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ Easily Ollie and my best #veterinarian visit @4pawsveterinaryclinic If you are ever on #vashonisland check our #4pawsveterinaryclinic for superior animal care! Dr. Byrd and her staff made Ollie feel right at home before his shot. We had fun and had alot of laughs! They have good treats and a fun place for the dogs to run around afterwords. I would highly recommend them for fantastic #animal care on #vashon
Tiffany Schira Avatar
Tiffany Schira
2/02/2021 - Google
Love the fear free practice. Friendly & professional staff. Dr. Teri is amazing.
Connie Sorensen Avatar
Connie Sorensen
2/02/2021 - Google
My pooch tore her ACL. Dr. Teri diagnosed her quickly and made me feel safe.
Linda Sferra Avatar
Linda Sferra
2/02/2021 - Google
Teri gave our puppy Lucy the most thorough wellness checkup and even gave her basic training as a bonus. The staff all genuinely cares for their charges and they also give great customer service from the front desk to all technicians/assistants. Lucy especially loves being able to come for occasional playdates in the fabulous fenced yard. Thank you, 4 Paws for being such an asset to the island and the wellness of our pets.
Carey Huffman Avatar
Carey Huffman
2/02/2021 - Google
Super friendly staff who took the time to answer all my questions, even though I wasn't a customer!
George Kirkish Avatar
George Kirkish
2/02/2021 - Google
Terri and her staff are amazing with our puppy. Gentle, professional, and always has good tips and ideas to help her stay safe and healthy. I highly recommend this clinic!
Nita Dickerson Avatar
Nita Dickerson
2/02/2020 - Google
We love Four Paws! We have two elderly pets and lately have needed their assistance. We love their attitude that we start with the simplest solutions. The cost seems lower then other clinics we have gone to, and no guilt trips if we don't want to jump to the most expensive and extensive treatments. They genuinely care for you and your pets.
Emily Herrick Avatar
Emily Herrick
2/02/2020 - Google
This veterinary clinic is wonderfully caring. Terri Byrd is an excellent vet who always puts the needs of the animal first. Her entire staff is also very caring and compassionate. I highly recommend 4 Paws, I've had extremely good experiences with them every time.
Alesha Amethyst Anderson Avatar
Alesha Amethyst Anderson
2/02/2020 - Google
Very friendly and professional. Got lots of good tips for training our puppy.
Alyssa Romashko Avatar
Alyssa Romashko
2/02/2020 - Google
Dr. Teri and her staff were very kind and took excellent care of my older, and somewhat ornery, cat. They made her very comfortable during her exam and blood draw and I really appreciated the speedy test results. Thank you!
Charlie Manfredi Avatar
Charlie Manfredi
2/02/2020 - Google
Caring, thorough and compassionately professional. They have separate dog and cat entrances, I thought that was cool. They had almost instantaneous lab results, CBC included. Very impressed will bring my kitty back.!!
Taunya Purves Avatar
Taunya Purves
2/02/2020 - Google
My pitty absolutely LOVES the team there, she is very picky about other people but she really warmed up fast, they make your dogs feel at home 😊 we sure do love them and so does Lexi!!
Cindra Lauren Avatar
Cindra Lauren
2/02/2020 - Google
For the first time, my animals don't have a fear reaction going to the Vet. That is huge. The staff are wonderful and genuinely caring. I highly recommend them.
Monica Dally Avatar
Monica Dally
2/02/2020 - Google
I wish I had found Dr. Byrd and her caring staff 10 years ago. I recently brought Brylee (dog) there for her yearly exam. Dr. Byrd and her staff are excellent. For the first time in ten years my girl, Brylee experienced the first fear free nail trimming. They are a certified fear free clinic with amazing and comforting approaches. I am so grateful to have them here. Island life has just gotten better.
Janna Ignatow Avatar
Janna Ignatow
2/02/2020 - Google
Dr. Teri and the staff at the Four Paws clinic are excellent and caring practitioners, I highly recommend them
Kim Curry Avatar
Kim Curry
2/02/2020 - Google
Dr Teri is our first choice in vet care. We are so happy she back in the area in business. Her commitment to high quality animal care and the well being of not only my pets but animals everywhere is exceptional.
Melodie Woods Avatar
Melodie Woods
2/02/2020 - Google
My dog loves going to 4 Paws! Dr Byrd and her entire staff were so kind and helpful before, during and after Mazie’s surgery (she’s an 11 year old Golden Retriever). Dr Byrd is an excellent surgeon and Mazie recovered quickly & completely, thanks to the wonderful care she received. I highly recommend 4 Paws Veterinary Clinic!
Mary Sage Avatar
Mary Sage
2/02/2020 - Google
Thank you, Teri Byrd and Vashon 4 Paws Veterinary Clinic. Our Stella had her first dental cleaning after almost 6 years of putting it off. We went in thinking there would be little if any issues. We knew 1 tooth was getting removed, but due to her teeth not being fully grown in, Stella had to have 8 teeth pulled! The care and compassion shown by Teri and her team during this went above and beyond; how Robyn immediately emphasized with us and showed so much attention and understanding to how Stella and we felt, how the team kept in contact with me over their Facebook's messenger the whole way through. I am still crying. We take great care of our pups, weekly brushing at home, good food and like many, our dogs are like our kids. We will be happy to see Stella as her old self playing frisbee again with Michael and tug with her sidekick Jake. Stella will heal, she may not be doing commercials like her mom or her sister Moxie - she lost many front teeth - but we are confident her health is in good hands with this team.
Kaya King Avatar
Kaya King
2/02/2020 - Google
Honest and affordable. I won't take my dogs anywhere else.
Linda Hebert Avatar
Linda Hebert
2/02/2019 - Google
Our pets love Dr. Byrd and the staff at 4 Paws. We're really happy that we switched to 4 Paws—especially since Dr. Byrd was able to diagnose and promptly cure an infection that two other vets were unable to help us with for over a year.
Lara Yelken Avatar
Lara Yelken
2/02/2019 - Google
Very happy with this clinic. Strongly recommend!!
Tina Dawson Avatar
Tina Dawson
2/02/2019 - Google
Mike took Obie to her appointment and said it was the calmest she had ever been during a visit to the veterinarian. I appreciated the great follow-up phone calls about her reaction to her new medication.
Victoria Lopez Avatar
Victoria Lopez
2/02/2019 - Google
I set up appointments for my two pups. One was a blue heeler who isn't really nervous (like the other who's a dachshund). Both experiences were amazing. The Veterinarian was thorough and had a positive attitude and calming personality. She made great suggestions about my dachshund's IVDD issue and helped me help my heeler loose weight. Going back for sure!!
Ashley Villafranca-Sedino Avatar
Ashley Villafranca-Sedino
2/02/2019 - Google
Really like this place. My poor sweet cat is at her end with cancer and everyone here has been so patient and caring helping us through this tough time. I am so beyond grateful for the kindness from everyone. Thank you for helping Nonnie.