Dr. Teri Byrd, DVM (Owner)

“For many years it has been my dream to own a clinic on Vashon Island where I lived from 1999-2008. At that time the island supported 2 vet clinics and there wasn’t room for another. I created a house call practice and loved serving my clients, offering conventional and naturopathic veterinary medicine and animal communication. That time will always remain one of the most extraordinary experience of my life. Unfortunately I was unable to support and had to move when I began commuting 3 hours a day.

At long last, I returned in 2018 and realized my dream of owning a veterinary clinic here. It took 2 giant loans and a massive effort on the part of dear friends, and it is rewarding me every day with the best clients and companions I have ever had the chance to work with.”

Teri started working with horses at age 10, as a veterinary assistant at age 16 and then graduated to zoo animals at age 18. She raised baby tigers, lions, and bears- literally. She had an adult Cheetah room mate for over a year. One of the most memorable nights in her life was camping out by the Rogue River in Oregon with the Cheetah, listening to the water and watching the stars until they both fell asleep.

1983-1985 Teri served as the Executive Director of the Endangered Species Research and Breeding centers where the performed research with Cheetahs from Canada. Meanwhile she took care of her daughter and 2 stepsons and graduated Cum Laude from Eastern Washington University with a B.S. in Biology/Zoology.

Highlights of Qualifications

  • 25+ years applying veterinary medical, surgical, and behavioral knowledge to compassionate health care for animals.
  • Expertly managed budgets, policies, procedures and wrote business plans for 4 veterinary businesses.
  • Experienced speaking in front of large audiences and doing media presentations on veterinary related subjects.
  • ASPCA Animal Cruelty and Veterinary Forensics/Expert Witness 6 credit course work completed December 2014
  • 9 months ensuring proper care and placement of pets as Human Society shelter veterinarian, 8 years working with Vashon Pet Protectors, Seattle Persian Rescue and Gingers Pet Rescue.
  • Equal comfort working independently and in collaborative teams with diverse staff of 13+ employees.
  • Expert witness since 2005